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A sunny outlook

A sunny outlook

By now you probably know that we are rather proud of our lens.  Designed to be the ultimate graduated lens, it changes from a dark amber at the top, gently fading into a soft rose at the base.  The result.. you don't need to sacrifice colour and warmth when you put on a set of Trads sunglasses, but rather can enjoy all the colour and vibrance that comes with a sunny day whilst protecting your eyes.

We were in Valencia recently and naturally had our cameras with us, and decided to have a little fun with the idea behind the lens, taking it a little further to show how ever on a cold Scottish day, it is possible to see things in a more positive light.  Check it out below.

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A former adult cinema in Madrid is our favourite hang out.

It's work, we promise

What are category 3 sunglasses lens?

What are category 3 sunglasses?

What is UV 400?