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It's work, we promise

A former adult cinema in Madrid is our favourite hang out. is.  However nobody said we couldn't have fun while we do it? That's something that really stands out about the Trads projects. The likes of the previous photoshoot trip to Madrid was massively intense, from organising to cramming in everything on a tight schedule whilst there.  However after the last photo has been taken, it gives us an opportunity to relax, socialise and see some pretty cool places. What it offered in photogenic locations was also matched in interesting places to hang out, eat and relax.

Aside from wondering the streets at night, we discovered possibly one of the coolest bars around (pictured at the top).  A former adult cinema, it's art deco architecture has been left bare, without complete restoration, peeled paint and plants grow up it's walls, making it an amazingly unique bar, kitted out with deck chairs, soft lighting and classic films like Vertigo being projected onto the old wall above the bar. 

If you want to check it out, it's called Sale Equis and it is located in central Madrid, click here for directions!

The food scene is pretty serious too.  From coffee with various pastries and fruits for breakfast, to tapas and a glass of wine in the evenings, pre-work pick me ups and post-work food binges are quite an eventful affair.  Oh and churros...always churros.

Sunglasses and brunch in Madrid

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Location location location

Location location location

What are category 3 sunglasses lens?

What are category 3 sunglasses?

A sunny outlook

A sunny outlook