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In 2017 our team of creatives decided to design and then make a better set of sunglasses for every day use. Based in the UK, this team started working on frames that were of contemporary design, utilising stronger and lighter materials with an incredible lens before taking that design to Italy.
For us a quality set of sunglasses should be well priced whilst delivering quality to the wearer. We strongly felt that they should enhance your daily life, protecting your eyes, looking great as an accessory. No more dull and washed out blues, greens or blacks of the big brands, we wanted vibrant colour to keep the world around you bright and beautiful as you navigate your day.
For production we partnered with one of the oldest eyewear workshops in Italy to create a truly excellent product, drawing on the experience and expertise of some of the best producers in the world. The result is sunglasses that we are immensely proud of and retail throughout the USA.
When you shop with Trads online you can enjoy Fast & Free delivery of your sunglasses anywhere in the US