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In creating the perfect lens for every day wear the Trads team had some very strict criteria.  When we look to the big brands we find that the lens is usually a boring cold tint which makes the world look like a rather cold and uninviting place.  We were determined that we could offer an exceptional lens that protects the eye and keeps the world around you bright and beautiful.
After testing every tint and combination of tints imaginable, we realised that combining certain colours into a graduated fade would allow us to achieve our goal. When you wear a set of Trads sunglasses you will see that they are slightly darker at the top of the lens with a dark red/orange hue, graduating to a subtle rose tint towards the base of the lens.
The affect achieved is sunglasses that are exceptionally comfortable on the eyes when you wear them whilst letting in just enough light in subtle warm tones keeping everything around you looking like the best of a summers day.
Our lens offer what is called UV400nm protection.  This means our sunglasses block out over 99% of harmful UV rays, even those smallest ones at the 400 nano metre wavelength.
In addition to UV protection we also wanted to minimise blue light which has been shown to be a degenerative factor in the retina as well as a source of strain in the eyes.  Our lens is effective in blocking 77% of blue light while you wear our sunglasses.
The Trads lens is an optical grade 1 lens.  This means it does not distort anything, providing perfect clarity when you look through them.
The darkness of the lens is graded in levels 1 through 5, and we opted to land in the middle at level 3.  We nominated this level of darkness for the lens as we wanted a lens that wasn't too dark to use day to day, whilst keeping it dark enough that you don't strain your eyes in typical sunlight conditions.
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