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On The Road: Valencia

On the road:


Finding Our Sunshine

Sunglasses and winter is not necessarily the ideal pairing, invariably it's a little quieter than spring and summertime so we decided to use it as an opportunity to get a little creative. We often talk about how our lens is different to others.  A lens 18 months in the making to get the perfect tint and precise graduation of colour diffusion.  So our idea was to create an advert that visually represents the visual transformation of the world when you put on a set of Trads sunglasses. Next we just needed a location...

December 2018 was a rather wet and cloudy time across Europe but having checked the weather in major cities everywhere, Valencia presented a rather unique opportunity with clear skies and sunshine for the week ahead.  Within the day we'd checked out locations online, talked with friends that live there, booked our flights and Airbnb.  We already had a rough idea of the narrative for the advert but the next morning the three of us sat down together with a coffee and brainstormed the finer points and wrote it up.

Tapas & Filming

Arriving in Valencia shortly after midday we made use of the first day to travel down to the beach and check out the area that we were aiming to shoot.  Being that we only required a relatively small amount of footage we were able to take it on a gentle pace and check out the surrounding town, beer, tapas and all the things that make the city such a great place to be.

The following day was shoot day, 19 degrees, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. One of those rare instances in project management when everything goes smoothly! Ross of Reverie Films on camera working with model Maggie Smith to get all the permutations of the footage in the bag. As mentioned, things went to plan so we finished with plenty of time to spare so after backing up the files, the rest of the day was of course...more beer and tapas! Check out the pictures from the shoot & keep an eye out for the advert coming soon.

Featured:  Maggie Smith

Instagram: @maggiexsmith