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Oversized Sunglasses

These sunglasses have oversized frames to hide the face

More than just a trend, the oversized sunglasses have been a popular and conscious style choice for many years and by the looks of it, show no signs of going away any time soon!

Ever since Jackie Kennedy dawned the style, women all around the world have embraced the casual cool of oversized frames.  Whilst the cool factor is clearly still resonating with shoppers in the present day, they also make fantastic day to day sunglasses with surprising versatility.

When it came to the Sorrento, our oversized style pictured here, we opted to run with two colour options for the frame.  Here you see the lens framed by a clear frame which is an unusual choice on oversized frames but gives it characteristics most other larger frames do not possess.

a girl wears oversized sunglasses that have been made in italy

The clear frame enables a softer balance to your dressing of the day.  Less bold than it's dark counterpart, it softens and blends to your clothes without being as dominant as other oversized glasses. 

When it comes to the darker frames, there is a beautiful, bold simplicity that draws attention to your eye and face and would be more identifiable as a statement piece.  Depending on how you pair them, there is also the potential to create strong contrasts against neutral and soft tones in clothing. 

Whatever your personality or merely your feeling on any given day, oversized framed sunglasses are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.  Look out for our next drop as we're planning a tribute style to the original, the Jackie which is being made in our Italian workshop as we speak!