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The Sorrento - Elegant Oversized Shades

The Sorrento - Elegant Oversized Shades

Our first ever frame, the Sorrento marked the start of our journey into the world of women's sunglasses.  When we started Trads we wanted to stick to contemporary designs, those which would not age or fall into the trap of being a temporary 'fashion'.  The Sorrento is certainly that.  Not so plain that we could be regarded as playing it safe, the design plays off the classic rounded shape arching bridge which keeps a sense of balance in the design and elegance that plays well with both casual and formal wear.

Named after the town where we make our sunglasses, It quickly became our most popular frame, due to that durability as a fashion accessory.  Being slightly oversized they work well with all face shapes, meaning most people can pull it off and feel great wearing a set of these sunglasses!

black and clear sunglasses

In the photographs we have highlighted three different models wearing these sunglasses.  All models are wearing different styles of clothing, and have their own distinctive look, yet the sunglasses work perfectly with each and every one of them.

As you'll see we offer the Sorrento sunglasses in two distinct styles, the original black with subtle opacity and the fully transparent ice edition, sporting a totally clear frame.  Both frames come with our signature warm-look lens which protects your eyes whilst retaining the color in the world around you.

You can buy the Sorrento in black/grey here.

We also have a clear frame in the Sorrento here.