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What are category 3 sunglasses?

What are category 3 sunglasses lens?

Category 3 sunglasses are a bit of a mystery to some people.  Simply put, it refers to the level of tint that the lens has within your sunglasses.  Category 3 is characterised as a medium level of tint, ideal for day to day use.

If you are wondering about the broader scale, then fear not, it's very simple to digest.  The lens in your sunglasses will be graded on a scale between 1 and 5.  1 represents the lowest amount of tint, whilst 5 represents the highest.  That is not to say that 1 is better than 5 or vice versa, it's all about what you need sunglasses for and how you are likely to use them.

Realistically you aren't likely to come across many manufacturers selling sunglasses with category 1 lens, the tint that they have isn't going to do much more than take the edge off the sunlight.  The  same applies to a lesser extent for category 2.  You will more often than not find that the majority of brands favour category 3.

This is where the lens becomes dark enough that you can wear them without squinting on a sunny day.  That said, you won't be using these in overly bright situations with lots of reflections or direct light.  What the category 3 lens represents is a good all rounder.  If you wear your sunglasses as an accessory or so you can comfortably walk around doing your normal routine on a sunny day then it's going to be a category 3 lens that you'll want.

Moving upwards we find that category 4 and 5 become very dark and this really suits one particular demographic, sports and professional use.  With the exception of people who have a higher sensitivity to sunlight, these categories are great for blocking out light and reflections.  Think bikers and fishermen.  Where the sun is a hinderance or risk factor in what you are trying to do, these lens will give you tremendous coverage.

At Trads, as I'm sure you can guess, we utilise category 3 lens.  As our Italian made sunglasses are designed for the everyday, we wanted to ensure our lens makes going about your daily business, not just comfortable, but better.  We worked for over a year to develop a gradually transitioning lens that gives the sunlight a warm hue, whilst protecting your eyes.  It is also worth mentioning that our lens has a clarity grade of 1, meaning there is no distortion when you look through them, giving you perfect natural sight.  SS21 is now available, click here to check them out.