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What's in a lens?

What's in a lens?

What do you look for when you are choosing a new set of sunglasses?  Does the lens play an important part in your decision?  Chances are not given the bland and uninspired lens that are typically fitted to sunglasses from small and big brands alike.

When we set our to design our initial collection of sunglasses we spoke with many people and discussed our own experiences with eyewear and consequently decided to start the design process with the lens, a rather upside down approach going by most peoples standards!

Why though? For us it was clear.  We want our sunglasses to have a beautiful lens that not only protects our eyes from harmful UV light but also is comfortable for the eye whilst keeping the warmth of the light visible.  Black out cold tones no, warm and playful tones yes.

Tinted sunglasses with a warm hue

Over months our design team tested hundreds of tones, sometimes in isolation, sometimes in combination.  In the end we combined a light rose tone with burnt orange to create a stunning graduated tone throughout our lens.  It is extremely comfortable on the eyes, great for every day wear and maintains your surroundings in a stunning, soft light.

We love this set of pictures that we've used in this journal as we think it really captures everything that we want to communicate about our about our lens. 

some of the best sunglasses in 2021

So in answer to the subject of this post of what is in a lens?.... everything, the world in fact!  Don't settle for something that will make the world around you cold and harsh, wear sunglasses that keep the beauty of the world intact. 

As we mentioned, all our sunglasses contain the same lens simply because we believe in it so much, so why not check out the frame styles we have over on our Spring/Summer 2021 Shop.